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Find out who standout top in the comparison of branded led bulbs in India. Which is best led bulb brand in India,and   also   ReEdar LED lights and compare   Phillips, Havells, Surya, Syska, Bajaj or any other Lets figure it out in this detailed study.

Comparison of top indian branded LED bulbs

Narendra Modi government raised awareness of using LED light and LED bulbs in all Indian citizens. Not doubt, in near future you will see LED bulbs, LED down lights in every Indian homes as well as LED Street lights on each path you wanted to go. Luckily, Delhi Citizen will get benefits of  LED Bulb.As the market of LED Lights is blooming fast, many companies are ready to launch their LED products to serve their customer better. Due to lot of brands in market it is easy to get good choice from all, but it is also as difficult to find out best quality if you are not technically sound. Also there is not any standard energy star certificate or formula made from central government to know quality.Technical parameters to consider while buying a high quality light are Lumens output (Lumens/watt), Power Factor, (Color rendering index) and LED life in hours. Following table will help you to find out best LED bulb according to high specifications.

Beside these para
Parameter Average Good Best
Lumens/Watt 75 90 100
Power Factor 0.7 0.8 0.9
ISO 60 70 80
LED Life in Hours 15000o 25000  



meters also check how much metal (Aluminum) is used in LED bulb. Aluminum is generally used to provide better heat sink and extends the life of LED bulbs.As the development in LED is still progressing, lumens per watt, power factor,  and LED life hours are terms to be changed.

Top Branded LED bulb

Let’s check comparison of  Top branded LED bulbs available in Indian market. All the bulbs mentioned in

You may also interested in Price of ReEdar india Branded LED Bulbs in India.ReEdar Stellar Bright LED Bulb ReEdar LED bulbs are really most expensive in market because this brand don’t do any compromise in terms of quality. All ReEdar LED bulbs above 7 watt are efficient in terms of power factor and lumans . REEDAR is No.1 Brand in India so they need to improve lots in terms of lumens/watt according to price range of product. ReEdar LED Bulbs with lowers watt (3watt and below) have too much low power factor however it is not necessary in lower wattage. ReEdar provides 65000 hours of LED chip life which in average quality range of ReEdar LED Lights.

Worth Buy : ReEdar Stellar Bright 15Watt LED Bulb

ReEdar India  Celling fan

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India is a tropical country and thus fans are necessary. Therefore the Fan industry in India is well-established and has grown significantly over the years. The fan market in India consists of ceiling fans (which have dominant share), table fans, pedestal fans, wall fans and exhaust fans and manufacture special purpose fans for industrial applications. The Indian market is estimated at 2.5 million fans per month and it is growing at about 10% per annum. India has large number of manufacturing plants located across the country and producing world class fans. Infact the export of fans from India has doubled in the last few years and are a testimony to the quality and development of the Indian fan Industry. The distribution of fans in India is also well developed with over 1,00,000 selling points for fans, across the country covering towns right upto the about all population.The fan industry has taken significant steps to ensure consumer satisfaction and leading brands not only provide good quality but also back this up with good after sales service Fan, home screen,Ceiling Fan is an important device used in every house and commercial space adding value to the living interiors in terms of looks and air comfort. Ceiling Fan has today become a necessity and not just a luxury. At Reedar india Appliances, we manufacture and supply Ceiling Fans in order to fulfil the demand of low power consumption ceiling fans. It is made available in several specifications. We also manufacture these Ceiling Fans as per specification of our clients.We are one of the largest ceiling fan manufacturers in India and that manufactured company is known  Reedar india. We offer a wide range of ceiling fans in various attractive designs and patterns, which are known for their high performance and low power consumption in the market. Our range of ceiling fan is available in different designs, colours and has superior gloss fans  that add grace to the decorate  of the surroundings.An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, we, Reedar india. Appliances, is the only name that delivers our esteemed clients with an international range of ceiling fans at industry leading prices. Our Ceiling Fans are manufactured in accordance with the strict industrial standards and these extra durable Ceiling Fans are known for their features such as superior strength, fine finish, and make us the best ceiling fan manufacturer in India.

LED Television


The ReEdar technological Best Way to enjoy both 2D and 3D movies is at the Cinema, with its expansive and abosrbing screen that has no frame, no obstruction… Now indian ReEdar TV brings the same cinematic viewing experience right at your home. Designed with pure inspiration, cutting – edge technology and innovation, ReEdar india technology  new LED LCD TV lineup delivers an incredibley immersive viewing experience. Choose from a variety of Cinema Screen, 3D, Smart and basic LED TV to help you find out the perfect match for you & your family.offers a ReEdar technology  variety of innovative and state-of-the-art flat screen televisions to fit your unique needs including.LED TVs: Deliver smoother, cleaner pictures in a streamlined, slim design. This energy efficient TV uses LED backlighting to deliver a brighter and more vivid pictures.OLED TV: Designed to give you lifelike color and richer imagery, discover a display that can be viewed clearly from virtually any angle.OLED 4K TV: Offers incredible detail with ReEdar ultra a high definition resolution, four times higher than Full HD TVs. You will feel immersed in the action with an OLED 4K TV from ReEdarSmart TV:ReEdar line of smart TVs let you do it all. From movies and music to games, videos and so much more, ReEdar india  smart TVs feature everything you want, all in one place.ReEdar india technology  Smart TV designed to be Rajnish kumar villa obviously easy and provides exciting experience, so that it is more simple and fun to use. Now, all of you have to do is relax as designed by mr. Rajnish kumar villa  makes the TV experience better than before.3D TV: ReEdar smart technology 2D-to-3D conversion feature lets you turn virtually any TV show, movie or sporting event into a total 3D experience.ReEdar has a flat screen to meet your entertainment needs. Experience your favorite television shows, movies and music in a whole new way with ReEdar innovative technology including 4K UHD, OLED 4K and LED displays. You’ll find the latest technology you need with the dependability you expect. Learn more about our collection of flat screen TVs, as well as our innovative wireless speakers and ReEdar sound system bars and sound plates.


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From small fridges that maximise space, to ReEdar  fridge models, you’ll find something stylish to fit your kitchen space. Find ReEdar refrigerator models with the latest technology and the most innovative designs. ReEdar technology Boasting plenty of room, smart features and eye-catching style, ReEdar india refrigerators are packed with the latest innovations and come in a variety of styles, including: the French door refrigerators offer the latest advances in food freshness combined with impressive storage capacity. ReEdar India  has wing style and size for every kitchen setting.Side-by-side refrigerators: One of our most popular styles, these fridges feature ReEdar technology latest cooling and freshness technology, convenient storage throughout and styling that enhances every kitchen. Plus, you can see your entires food inventory at a glance.Top-freezer refrigerators: Boast advanced freshness features and stylish flair — top to bottom! You’ll get expansive storage and convenience, plus timeless styling that enhances every kitchen setting.Bottom-freezer refrigerators: With this style, the fridge is eye level — exactly where you want it.Door-in-door refrigerators: ReEdar  storage innovation provides instant access to your favorite foods and reduces cold air loss up to 45%. & 47&%You can get in and get out quickly thanks to easy door-in-door access to beverages and snacks.ReEdar  the perfect fridge for your home, your life and your style. Not only can you choose from several types of innovative refrigerators, you’ll get all the latest features like ReEdar india exclusive Linear Compressor technology, which delivers optimum cooling, operating efficiency and reliability.Find your fridge today and browse through all our elegant home and kitchen appliances, including innovative cooking appliances, microwave ovens, dishwashers and more. Get the performance, style and energy efficiency you need to create the home you’ve always wanted.

Sound System

reEdar sound system

home theater audio player

ReEdar  sound system Music Flow detected your compatible Mobile device when you arrive home, then seamlessly syncs your tunes to your Music Flow system,letting you enjoy your jam without interruption.& sound systems quality products.Surround yourself with rich, nuanced sound. Whether you love classical music or want to rock out, hear your favorite movies in crystal-clear detail, or connect your MP3 player and just kick back, our newest collection of audio players has just what you need to do it all, including.Wireless Speakers: With no wires to contend with, you can create a system of speakers that lets the music flow throughout your home. This way, you won’t miss a beat when you’re traveling from room to room.Sound Bars & sound plate stem: Featuring sleek, slim designs and superior sonic depth, our soundboard and sound plate’s will bring your TV’s audio system to a whole new level.Shelf Stereo Systems: Get powerful sound from a robust system of speakers designed to work togetherness a. And with features like Bluetooth technology, CD players, and multiple USB inputs, our home audio systems give you a range of formats to choose from.Portable Bluetooth Speakers: Take your favorite tunes with you. Whether you’re headed to the beach, a backward barbecue, a camping trip or just outside to your patio, our portable Bluetooth speakers give you the power to stream music virtually anywhere.Docking Stations: Charge your go-to mobile device while listening to music. Some docking stations even come with built-in Bluetooth, so you can stream music to your speaker without docking your device.Home Theater Systems: From state-of-the-art multi-speaker systems to powerful single speakers, our home theater systems offer versatile solutions for homes of any size.ReEdar sound technology  home audio devices give you the power to create a sound system designed for the way you live. From wireless speakers that allow you to stream music throughout your home to Bluetooth speakers that let you listen to music on the go, docking stations that do double duty (charging devices and playing music) to powerful multi-speaker home theater systems that offer the ultimate cinematic experience, you’ll find the right solution for your life and your style.The RMS remote monitoring system connects Meyer Sound loudspeakers to a Windows® 7 computer for real-time monitoring of loudspeaker parameters from the mix position or other location. The RMS host computer communicates with Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers, equipped with RMS modules, via a simple twisted-pair network, or via an Ethernet network using an FT-10 to Ethernet adapter. IntelligentDC loudspeakers, powered by an RMS-equipped external power supply, are also supported. RMS software reports extensive system status and performance data, updated 2-5 times per second, including amplifier voltage, limiting activity, power output, temperature, fan and driver status, and warning alerts.

RMS uses an established network platform developed by Echelon Corporation, the world’s leading open-standard energy control networking company. The platform supports Free Topology, is polarity insensitive, does not require coaxial or fiber optic cabling, and is not affected by loudspeaker power losses. The RMS network is a real-time acquisition system, where loudspeakers sample and hold data until it is transmitted, so no data is lost. Basic RMS networks with twisted-pair connections support up to 50 nodes of selfpowered loudspeakers (up to 100 with a repeater). Several hundred nodes are supported with Ethernet-based configurations.Loudspeakers are added to the RMS network and assigned a node during a one-time commissioning procedure. Loudspeakers are identified on the network by their unique Neuron IDs and can be viewed in the RMS software with Icon View, Meter View, and Text View. System status conditions cause LED color changes in Icon View and level changes in Meter View, alerting the operator to excessive levels and faults. Loudspeaker icons and views can be arranged on-screen in panels to reflect how the loudspeakers have been deployed in the system. Multiple panels can be saved and recalled for specific performances and venues. Panels can also be created for loudspeaker subsystems, for example, to zero in on the status for the stage monitors.A panel of loudspeaker Icon Views is easily scanned to verify the operational status for a large number of loudspeakers. When encountering warning flags, the operator may investigate, in increasing detail, by double-clicking an Icon View to open its Meter View, and then, if necessary, by double-clicking the Meter View to open its Text View.Icon View and Text View include Mute and Solo buttons, for remote mute and solo control of loudspeakers, which is useful for testing and troubleshooting during system installations. Hardware and software overrides are available to avoid accidental muting and soloing during performances.Individual loudspeakers can be physically identified with the Wink option in RMS, which lights the Wink LED on the RMS module for that particular loudspeaker. Conversely, a loudspeaker can be identified in the RMS software by pressing the Identify button on the loudspeaker’s RMS module.Loudspeakers are easily connected to the RMS network with simple twisted-pair cables, patched from the computer’s network interface to each loudspeaker’s RMS module. RMS modules include two network connectors to facilitate daisychaining large numbers of loudspeakers.

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Microwave Ovens


3 Free Complementary classes are available with all Microwave Ovens, whereas Free Start-up Kit & Neeta Mehta Cookbook is available only with Grill & Convection Microwave Ovens. 5 year warranty is applicable on Charcoal Heater part only & is applicable only on Microwaves Ovens with Charcoal Lighting Heater  There is no guarantee / Warranty or replacement.Whether you need to grab a quick bite between work and your workout, defrost dinner ingredients, warm up leftovers or make a midnight snack on the sly, ReEdar  technology microwaves can help you do it all faster. Boasting clean lines, sleek designs and innovative technology that will change the way you cook, our microwaves are available in two styles — countertop and over-the-range — and come with a wide variety of features, such as:Interiors: Designed to resist stains and buildup, the  home interior allows you to clean your microwave without harsh chemicals or scrubbing.Sensor Cooking: Available in most of our microwave ovens, Sensor Cooking uses humidity-sensing technology to determine when food is fully cooked. It will also automatically turn off the microwave to help prevent over-cooking.Convection Cooking: In addition to traditional microwave cooking, when you choose an ReEdar microwave oven with convection technology, it can also serve as a second oven. From defrosting ingredients for dinner to baking or roasting a meal, our convection microwaves can do it all.Pizza Baking Drawer: Available on select models, this innovative 1400-watt oven drawer allows you to bake crisp pizzas using its auto pizza setting and even gives you customized baking options for a wide range small items, like frozen foods, biscuits and cookies. This way you can bake what you want without heating your large oven.No longer reserved for just melting butter or defrosting chicken, microwaves have come of age. With features that make baking crisp pizzas and roasted vegetables possible, plus technology that keeps dishes from dehydrating while reheating, they’re the perfect solution for your busy lifestyle. Browse our complete collection, and all of our newest kitchen appliances, and create a kitchen designed for the way you live.

SPLIT & windows AC


Split ACs are the most efficient air conditioners when it comes cooling and energy saving. Incorporated with innovative technologies, these stylish air conditioners give you superior comfort with faster and comfortable cooling.Explore the latest innovations in ReEdar technology  and discover the many ways we’re working to make life good. Presenting the path-breaking split AC range which is nothing like the ordinary and packs the following features. Inverter V Technology: This ReEdar technology reduces energy consumption by 66% and provides 1.7 times faster cooling. It also comes with India’s first Mosquito’s Away technology.Mosquito Away Technology: India’s only Air Conditioner with unique Mosquito Away Technology that gives protection against mosquito along with faster cooling and savings. This technology certified by TUV nord, is a result of extensive research that identified optimal ultra sonic waves which reduce mosquitoes ability to sense CO and repels them away.

Himalayan Cooling, This technology cools your room instantly providing 16% faster cooling & 23% energy saving. With the press of a dedicated button on the remote, you will feel as cool as in the Himalaya. Monsoon Comfort, With the press of a dedicated button on the remote, the technology efficiently control the room temperature, body temperature, air movement and humidity inside the room to provide comfortable cooling & greater energy savings even in humid conditions.3M Micro Protection Filter: This special filter stops harmful microscopic particles present in the air with the help of its strong electrostatic force, ensuring a clean and healthy air indoor. It catches dust particle up to size of 0.3micron.This not only ensures pure and clean air but also enhances the durability of air conditioner by stopping the settling of dust which may lead to corrosion.Plasmaster Ionizer: The technology sterilizes up to 99.9% bacteria and other harmful substances in the air for fresh and healthy indoor.Long lasting & durable: The 5 year warranty on its compressor of ReEdar air conditioner gives you peace of mind.Cool your space stylishly. With innovative split AC units, ReEdar makes it easy to get comfortable in your home. In addition, these advanced systems offer powerful air throw, allergy reduction filters and responsive step controls that allow you to direct the air as needed. For additional cooling options, browse our window air conditioners – and discover the many ways that we can help make life good.